KrallCon 2018 will be upon us before we realize it. Stay tuned for info.

In 2016,  KrallCon was held at the Grand Summit Hotel in Summit, New Jersey. Our special Guest of Honor was author Matthew M. Bartlett. Other guests included Michael Faun from Sweden. We also had audio and video readings from Richard Gavin, SP Miskowski and more.

For the last 4 years, Dynatox Ministries has held “KrallCon” which is a get together for authors, readers, musicians, and artists associated with Dynatox Ministries. The first one was held in East Brunswick, New Jersey in 2013 and was a bit small. We had authors such as Josh Myers, Joseph Bouthiette Jr., Jon R. Meyers, and Nick Cato among others.

In 2014, it was a bit bigger… and was held both in the East Brunswick Best Western Hotel and the Freehold Elks Lodge. That year we had a guest from England, author R.A. Harris. In addition to Harris, we had Anderson Prunty, Justin Grimbol, C.V. Hunt, Philip LoPresti, and more. There was also a musical event with performances by Human Adult Band and Total Abuse.

Most recently, there was the 3rd annual KrallCon on April 10th-12th. This was the biggest one yet. We were able to get Swedish author Michael Faun to come over to the United States for his first visit and it was a blast. Also in attendance were Nick Cato, Sheila Hall (of Fireside Press), Justin Mank, Christoph Paul, Danger Slater, and more. In addition to the East Brunswick Best Western, events were also held in a room at Black Betty’s Go-Go Bar and Saloon as well as the basement of Dynatox headquarters itself (a.k.a. Jordan Krall’s house) where there were musical performances by Human Adult Band, Christoph Paul, Dustroy Troly, Melissa in Spasms, and The Cowardly Perversions. It was the largest and most fun KrallCon to date. Everyone had a blast.


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